Tescan Lyra 3XMU SEM-FIB dual system


Tescan Lyra 3XMU SEM-FIB dual system

A multifunctional instrument, provided with imaging (FEG-SEM), ion-beam processing (FIB), analytical (EDS) and electron diffraction (EBSD) capabilities for advanced characterization of microscopic morphology, elemental composition, chemical mapping and surface structural mapping.

  • Configuration: FEG-SEM (Schottky gun), FIB (Orsay Physics), EDS (Bruker Quantax 200), EBSD (Bruker e-Flash 1000)
  • Technical specifications: SEM acceleration voltages 0.2-30 kV; SE and BE detectors; SEM image resolution 1.2 nm (SE at 30 kV); FIB acceleration voltages 0.5-30 kV, Ga ion source, SE detector; FIB image resolution 5 nm at 30 kV; EDS spectral resolution 133 eV; EBSD pattern acquisition rate up to 880 patterns/sec, pattern indexation rate up to 750 patterns/sec for single phase.
  • Working modes: SEM, FIB (processing and imaging), EDS (analysis and mapping), EBSD.

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