Ultraflex UPT-n2 Ultraheat nano induction heating


Ultraflex UPT-n2 Ultraheat nano induction heating

Our Ultraflex UPT-n2  was designed  for nanoparticles research (magnetic hyperthermia on superparamagnetic iron oxides nanoparticles)

Model:  UPT-n2 Nano Lite System for Nanoparticle Research


UPT-SHT-2/400 2 KW Power Supply – Interface Board
• Capable of delivering full power (2 kW) in the 100kHz – 400kHz frequency range
• AC Line, Voltage: 230 V, single phase, 50-60 Hz
• Advanced 5” Touch Panel Controls, Full color

– Temperature Controller Option
Allows precise process temperature control and monitoring utilizing an advanced PID control loop.

– Serial Communication Option
Allows an external remote control and data collection via a serial communication port (RS-485 – C2)

– Energy Monitor Option
Measure and monitor the amount of the injected energy into the workpiece for each heating cycle (inW.sec.). Triggers warning if out of pre-set limits.

-Water-to-air cooling system, 3 kW heat load, 230VAC
• 3.0kW (10,000BTU) heat load
• 230VAC,50/60 Hz, 1-ph
• For use with ambient T <90F (32C)

– The custom coil design

Read more  https://ultraflexpower.com/induction-products/induction-heating-power-supplies/ultraheat-s-series/

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