X-ray absorption fine structure spectrometer (Rigaku)


X-ray absorption fine structure spectrometer (Rigaku)

Main characteristics: 

  • Range of elements that may be investigated: from Ca to U.
  • Fixed sample section (allowing mounting of in situ measurement cells)
  • Maximum power: 3 kW (maximum HV = 40 kV, maximum emission current 100 mA)
  • Interchangeable X-ray target: Mo, W
  • Interchangeable filaments: W, LaB6
  • Measurements: transmission / fluorescence
  • Spectroscopic method: linear monochromator
  • Rowland circle radius: 320 mm
  • 2 θ range: 30-90 °
  • Monochromating crystals: Ge(220), Ge(111), Ge(311), Ge(400), Ge(840), Si(400), Si(620)
  • Detectors: I0 = S-PC, I = SC
  • Primary and refined EXAFS data analysis software

Fig. 1. The Rigaku XAFS spectrometer installed in NIMP, in the Surface Science and X-ray
Spectroscopies group from the Nanoscale Condensed Matter Physics Department


Fig. 2. Extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) spectra measured on 200 nm thick
Mn films deposited on Ge(001) p(2 x 1) in the molecular beam epitaxy chamber. Samples
deposited at 50 and 150 °C are non-magnetic, whereas the other ones are magnetic.

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