X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer


<strong>X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer</strong>

The XRF spectrometer model WD-XRF S8 TIGER-1 kW manufactured by Bruker AXS GmbH (Germany) is a compact sequential WDXRF Spectrometer dedicated for multi-element qualitative, quantitative and standardless for elements from Be to U in solid, powders, pastes, liquids and thin film specimens.


Fully automated without needing connections to cooling water and compressed air. Equipped with TouchControl computer and SPECTRAplus control and analysis software (running also on PC) / X-Ray Tube High performance, Rh target, 1 kW, 20-50 kV, 5-50 mA, 75 μm Beryllium window / Concentration from sub-ppm to 100 % / Automatic crystal changer 8 positions, XS-55, PET, LiF (200) available / Detectors: Scintillation counter NaI (Ti) for energy range: > 4 keV (Sc – U), Counting rate: > 2000 kcps and P10 gas (10 % Methane, 90 % Argon) for flow counter / Goniometer 2 theta: 0 -115° FC, 17 – 152° SC, Steps: 0.0002°,  Scanning: max. 1200°/min / 10 position beam filter changer / 4 position collimator changer (6 different divergence settings).


Elemental composition determination of various types of  materials for research and development, quality control, environmental forensic.

Responsible: Dr. Magdalena Galatanu

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