Improving Photocatalytic Activity of Perovskite Materials: From Doping to Thin Films

Event date and time: 06/06/2023 1:00 pm

Event location: Seminar Room – NIMP

GENERAL SEMINAR – Dr. André Luiz MENEZES DE OLIVEIRA, NPE-LACOM (Laboratory of Fuel and Materials), Federal University of Paraiba, João Pessoa, Brazil

Sustainable development is certainly a concern around the world, especially when a larger part of the world population lives in polluted areas. Therefore, managing pollution is certainly one of the world’s greatest challenges. Although strategies towards waste minimization are established in many countries, society continues to pollute the environment, especially the water bodies. For these reasons, several studies have focused on the development of new technologies and materials that can be employed for the mitigation of water pollution. Particularly, the heterogeneous photochemical process known as heterogeneous photocatalysis is one of the most important and promising techniques used nowadays that is capable to degrade different organic pollutants in water. Concerning the photocatalytic materials employed in such process, perovskite oxides with general formula ABO3, such as SrTiO3 and SrSnO3, have been widely investigated due to their interesting physical and chemical characteristics. However, because of the lower photoactivity, different strategies have been adopted for the enhancement of their photocatalytic properties. For instance, modification in the crystalline structure that alter symmetry, chemical doping that modifies the electronic configuration of cations in the lattice and the creation of different interfacial environments between two or more semiconductors have been investigated. In this context, examples of perovskite materials (from powders to thin films) in combination with strategies employed to enhance their efficiency in the photodegradation of organic dye pollutants in water will be demonstrated in the seminar. All the data that will be presented confirm the importance of combining and correlating different techniques to better understand the characteristics and properties of materials to fine tune their functionalities.

Dr. André Luiz MENEZES DE OLIVEIRA holds an International Joint PhD title (received in 2013) in Chemistry between the Universidade Federal da Paraíba (UFPB – Brazil) and Université de Rennes 1 (Rennes – France). During this period, the research was based on the synthesis of mixed oxide particles using polymeric precursor method, hydrothermal method and solid state reaction, besides depositing perovskites oxides thin films by Chemical Solution Deposition (CSD) and Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD). In 2015/2016 he was a postdoctoral researcher at the School of Chemistry in The University of Sydney, Australia, working on the synthesis of oxynitrides and their structural characterizations using synchrotron and neutron radiation-based techniques.

Relevant papers of Dr. André Luiz MENEZES DE OLIVEIRA:

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* corresponding author

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