Low energy and Photoelectron Electron Microscope LEEM-PEEM (Specs)


Low energy and Photoelectron Electron Microscope LEEM-PEEM (Specs)
The setup operates in ultrahigh vacuum (below 2 x 10-10 mbar).
Methods available: 
  • Low energy electron microscopy (LEEM) in bright and dark field with a lateral resolution of 4 nm;
  • Photoemission electron microscopy (PEEM) with two UV excitation sources (Hg lamp and He I – He II lamp), lateral resolution about 15 nm;
  • Mirror electron microscopy (MEM);
  • Micro-Low energy electron diffraction (Micro-LEED);
  • k-space mapping with sub-micron lateral resolution (individual grains).
  • recording LEEM, PEEM, MEM, LEED movies in real time during thermal treatments, ion sputtering or thin layer growth.
  • Fig. 1 represents the setup and Fig. 2 shows the first results obtained for the visualization of the single atom terraces of Si(001) by low energy electron microscopy (LEEM).

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